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Hi, I've created this guestbook 4 you !!!
Please, leave any comment you have about these pages !! :-)

Look also my "Little Prince" Collection
Help me to "complete" it!!! ;-)

Antonio can also be reached at: Antonio's Web Pages
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Message from Durozier dominique (dominique.durozier[at]orange.fr)
BonjourJ\'aimerai echanger si possible avec vous des ├ęditions du Petit prince; Je cherche la version en Napolitain dialecte de puteolanoJ\'ai quelques doubles voir mon site : lepetitprince.eu.comAu plaisir de vous lireDominique Durozier
Durozier dominique could be reached also at: http://lepetitprince.eu.com
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Message from Yi Peng Li (yipeng2012sg[at]gmail.com)
Antonio, could I recommend a Little Prince translation that was published recently? It\'s the Michael Morpurgo edition that was published in 2018. It\'s beautifully written and the translation has the nice touch of a master author. This edition was published by Vintage Classics in 2018 and the ISBN number is 9781784874179.https://www.bookdepository.com/Little-Prince-Antoine-De-Saint-Exupery/9781784874179?ref=grid-view&qid=1656247192130&sr=1-12

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